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What if we could reimagine multilingualism from the perspective of multilinguals?

My work seeks to reshape our understanding of multilingualism by challenging existing paradigms of linguistics research that have historically viewed multilingualism from a monolingual lens.

Below is a list of selected publications and conference presentations I’ve given in my academic career. If you would like to see my full C.V., please send me an email.


Lian, J. (2017, December). [Review of the book L2 Selves and Motivations in Asian Contexts, Matthew T. Apple, Dexter Da Silva, and Terry Fellner (Eds.). Multilingual Matters, Bristol, UK (2017)]. The Journal of AsiaTEFL, 14 (4), 835-836.

Lian, J. (2017, April). [Review of the book Teacher Education and Professional Development in TESOL, JoAnn Crandall, MaryAnn Christison (Eds.). Routledge/Taylor & Francis and The International Research Foundation for English Language Education, New York (2016)]. System, 65, 179-181.


Lian, J. (2018, March). The effects of imagined identities and communities on language socialization for successful non-native English speakers. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the 41st American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference (AAAL), Chicago, IL.

Leymarie, C. D. & Lian, J. (2017, December). Academic genres as anthropological straitjackets. Installation presented at the 116th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), Washington, D.C.

Lian, J. (2017, March). A sentiment analysis of news coverage of social movements. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the 9th Illinois Language and Linguistic Society Conference (ILLS9), Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Lian, J. (2017, March). “Does Chinatown mean Chinese?”: The dynamics of multilingualism in the linguistic landscapes of historic Chinatowns in America. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the 40th American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference (AAAL), Portland, OR.

Lian, J., Lindemann, S., & Tywoniw, R. (2017, March). Consonant dissonance: Perception and misperception of nonnative consonant pronunciation. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the 40th American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference (AAAL), Portland, OR.

Childs, M. & Lian, J. (2017, February). Linguistic landscape of Burmese in Clarkston, GA: A pilot study. Paper presented at the inaugural meeting of the 1st Diversity and Variation in Language Conference (DiVar), Atlanta, GA.

Lian, J. (2016, October). Re-examining “ELL” and “LEP” in congressional hearings:
A Corpus-based study.
Paper presented at the 2016 GATESOL Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Tsiola, A., Lian, J., & Nicol, H. (2014, May). Informal learning environments: How do they affect advanced EFL learner motivation? Paper presented at the International Association of Applied Linguistics 6th Junior Researcher Meeting, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Lian, J. (2012, June). How to “demonstrate the capacity for self-directed learning” through peer collaboration and writing. Paper presented at General Education and University Curriculum Reform: An International Conference in Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R.

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