jessica lian



Jessica is a linguist, researcher, and writer. She is a qualitative researcher with a passion for analyzing the language of everyday human interaction. As a research practitioner, Jessica has extensive experience in qualitative and ethnographic research methodologies, survey design, mixed-methods design, qualitative interviewing, discourse analysis, and content analysis. She is currently seeking opportunities to apply her linguistics and research expertise to user experience (UX) research.

As a PhD candidate, Jessica is currently completing her dissertation under Dr. Stephanie Lindemann‘s supervision at Georgia State University. Her dissertation project explores the language brokering experiences of bilinguals who grew up in the United States speaking a language other than English at home. Her other research interests include linguistic identities, linguistic landscapes, heritage language speakers, and language policy and planning.

Prior to her PhD career, Jessica taught English in Hong Kong for more than five years and ate her away across southeast Asia. She’s a Bowdoin College polar bear who left her heart in San Francisco, and is currently based in Atlanta.

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